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During this time of physical distancing, we would like to bring our community together digitally. Therefore, Ki Culture is excited to present our series of professional development workshops


Whilst current events force many of us indoors, we can take this time to reflect on our values and our priorities. Now is the time to commit to a new beginning. This interruption has shown us that it is possible for global society to change, and quickly. Let’s embrace what we have learned - about who we are, and how we want to live moving forward. 


Starting on 14 April, our founder Caitlin Southwick will be hosting live workshops for cultural heritage professionals around the world. These interactive sessions will help practitioners understand how to engage with sustainability and be part of this global transformation.


Workshops are open to all, with a suggested donation of 20 euro per workshop (60 euro per block). However donations of any size are greatly appreciated - we value your attendance above all else! In order to ensure interaction and space for dialogue registration is limited. Participants are welcome to join one or more sessions. Workshops will be repeated in blocks to maximize opportunities for participation. 


To register, send an email to with the subject “Online Workshop Registration”. Please indicate which workshop(s) you would like to attend, what date and time.



Introduction to Sustainability in Cultural Heritage

In this introduction we outline what sustainability is and how it applies to cultural heritage. Participants will be introduced to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and explore ways that we, as cultural heritage professionals, can implement them. 



In the first of our themed workshops, we provide background on energy consumption in cultural heritage institutions, focusing on areas with intensive energy use, and ways to reduce energy consumption. The workshop includes practical solutions for every budget and type of organization! 


Waste and Materials

In our waste and materials workshop we will focus on how to mitigate the environmental impact of your organization’s waste production. From art transportation to conservation treatments, we will introduce the “four R’s”: refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle, and explore their application as well as options for alternatives. 


Social Sustainability

In this workshop we outline social sustainability and why it is important for cultural heritage organizations. We demonstrate ways to leverage the unique position of our professions, which connect both past, present, and future societies around the world, for sustainable development.


all times Central European Time (CET)



Elizabeth Bagley 

Director, Drawdown Learn, Project Drawdown

Tuesday 28th April 20:00 CET "Waste and Materials" 

Pia Edqvist

Social Sustainability Director, Ki Culture, and Objects Conservator, Museums of Cultural History, Oslo

Tuesday 5th May 20:00 CET "Social Sustainability" 

Tuesday 2nd June 20:00 CET "Social Sustainability"

Tuesday 30th June 20:00 CET "Social Sustainability"

Gillian Gibson

Sustainability Officer, National Galleries of Scotland

Thursday 28th May 09:00 CET "Waste and Materials"

Kalvin Lai

Assistant Director (Sustainability), Campus Planning and Sustainability Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Thursday 25th June 09:00 CET "Waste and Materials"

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