Sustainability Portfolio 

The Sustainability Portfolio is a compilation of various programs and resources regarding sustainability in the museum and cultural heritage sector. This portfolio offers various tools and options, allowing each museum to build their own program according to their own situation. 

Select which programs your institution would like to get involved with and start building a sustainable future! 


Sustainability Ambassador Program

Developing Partners: Ki Culture and Sustainability in Conservation

The Sustainability Ambassador Program is based on the Student Ambassador Program from Sustainability in Conservation and empowers employees and personnel at any level to actively engage with promoting and practicing sustainability in their workplace. The Ambassador Program circulates around handbooks, focusing on energy, materials/waste, water usage and social sustainability, which act as step-by-step guides to showcase how to implement sustainable alternatives. Using the Talanoa Dialogue approach, participants identify where they are, where they want to go and how they want to get there. Each handbook guides participants through one year, with self-assessments at the beginning and end of the program and has monthly green challenges to promote engagement. Successes and progress is marked on the Ki Heritage website and social media to inspire others and share best practices.

The Sustainability Ambassador Program also includes access to the Sustainability Toolkit and Communities at Practice.

Sustainability Toolkit

Developing Partners: Ki Culture,  Sustainability in Conservation, Sarah Braun, UNESCO

The Sustainability Toolkit, developed by Sustainability in Conservation, is based on the UNESCO Sustainable Tourism Toolkit. The accompanying case studies outline how to use the guides to problem solve and engage with various stakeholders involved in the transition to sustainable practice.

Communities at Practice 

Developing Partner: Sustainable Museums 

Communities at Practices focuses on sharing best practices and addressing real world questions about sustainability. Participating organizations have representatives meet on calls once every other month (3 institutions on a call, up to 2 participants from each institution) to discuss their concerns and questions regarding sustainability in their organization. Experts are brought in to help assist with finding solutions, and sharing of best practices inspires each community to successfully engage.

Pledges & Commitments 

Developing Partners: Ki Culture, Sustainable Museums, Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice, Museums & Climate Change Network, Curating Tomorrow

Developing Partner: Ki Heritage, Sustainable Museums, CMCJ, Curating Tomorrow, C

The Pledges and Commitments are a list of activities that museums can take to acknowledge and start to address sustainability in their own institutions. Taking the pledge allows for membership at the Ki Heritage Community and requires making one commitment. The commitments range in difficulty from low hanging fruit to 100% sustainable. There are 10 commitments and 5 levels of the commitment. Each year participating institutions can retake the pledge and build on their commitments.

Resources and Tools

White Paper

Developing Partners: Ki Culture and The Integral Group  

The white paper states the findings of the carbon footprint research project, providing concrete data that can be used to draw attention to the problem and the need to address it.

The white paper will provide statistics about average energy consumption for different types and sizes of museums in different geographical climate zones. This way, a museum can approximate their own carbon footprint even if they do not have the tools to do a self-assessment.

Carbon Calculator

Developing Partners: GRITS 

A Carbon Calculator is a digital tool that helps institutions identify their current climate impact, and easily shows how changes will affect their carbon impact, their climate control, their collections- and their energy bills.  

There are various Carbon Calculators currently available. Click on the button to find one for your institution!  

SDGs and Museums Handbook

Developing Partner: Curating Tomorrow

The SDGs and Museums Handbook is a guide on how to incorporate the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030 into museum practice. This guidebook can be a basis for ideas for engagement for any cultural heritage institution or practitioner.

The Playbook

Developing Partner: The Integral Group 

The Playbook will be compiled by the Integral Group and will outline ways to reduce your carbon footprint easily and without needed to hire external consultants or specialists. Examples include changing lights to LED or discussing climate control range with your facilities manager.

PR Kit 

Developing Partner:   Ki Culture 

This PR Kit helps museums effectively communicate their sustainability initiatives: with their visitors, with their community, with the cultural heritage sector and around the world.

The PR Kit shows how museums can engage with social media to promote their work, lists organizations and programs where they can share their progress and successes and gives contact information for local newspapers and journalists.

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